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BEST I have ever had. Whenever on vacation I look to have a massage and often have one in my home town with numerous choices. Didi I compliment you on the best hour and a half massage and a very pleasant lady to chat with. Highly recommend.
Derek Johnson
I have been very happy with my appointments here. The shop is clean and quiet. I have had massages from a few different people and I have been impressed by how systematic and professional they have been in trying to help improve how I am feeling. Also, everyone is always very friendly and caring.
m c
Thai Massage is popular in Thailand. I've never known that there is Thai Massage in Wellington. I'm interested to try it. I'll go to the shop if I go to Wellington. I saw the picture from my friend. The shop is clean.
Disdanai Kaewmeesaeng
Amazing and very skilled people people. I would definitely recommend for anyone who wants to relax or has tightness in their muscles.
Grace Prior
Best massage I ever did before. Thank you for real Thai traditional massage with deep tissue and treat my office syndrome problem gone!
The sudio is very clean and peaceful. Deedee is a world class therapist. I travel the globe often and say Deedee is amongst the very best. If you are seeking to relax and have remedial treatment that works, ask for Deedee, I undergo remedial treatments weekly and seen being treated by Deedee a couple of times I have less pain and more movement, she is highly recommended.
Peter Milzewski
Deedee is amazing! I love these massages! The care and attention she gives is just beautiful and I have trained in massage and had many therapists so I know she is very good at what she does. Highly recommended!
Sarrah Jayne
It was very good. I felt really relaxed after.
Lars Bögner
One of the best therapists I have come across in all my travels. Jen can loosen up almost any tightness, but be ready for thorough deep tissue work if you request it. The initial entrance is just a staircase with a door in between two buildings off of Terrace door is one floor down. The accommodations are simple but clean.
Ron Mecredy
Very good massage, I have a very bad back, neck and everything else from spending most of my life sitting at computers. I would highly recommend Amarin Thai for breaking up all those knotted muscles that are cause pain and discomfort.
tony gray
Chiropractor suggested me to come here. Thank you for helping my office syndrome problems.
Richart Lee
Real Thai traditional massage. Thoroughly recommend!!!
Sirinuch U.
Best massage ever! Deedee is best!
Hello There
Great massage. A very relaxing experience.
Tod Birmingham
Excellent and professional massage shop, Strongly recommend!
Wei Zhang
The best massage I ever had before with very relaxing Thai music and professional therapist. Didi is the best! thank you for making my back get much better.