Can I have a massage while I'm pregnant?
Absolutely! Traditional Thai massage is ideal for pregnancy as it is gentle. We do massage with softer level than normal without streching. We do relaxation massage and focus on your head, neck, shoulder, hands, and feet. A pregnant woman can receive a wonderful massage. We will not massage your lower back. All energy lines can be reached and massaged in this way, and we use lots of cushions to prop her up and ensure that she's comfortable.
Should I tell my massage therapist about any medical conditions, medications or allergies?
Yes! You will fill out a client intake form when you first check-in for your appointment. You must indicate any health conditions that your therapist should be aware of on the form. The therapist will review the form prior to starting the massage and may ask you some questions about any medical conditions (recent injuries, surgery, sore areas, allergies, etc.) prior to starting the massage. However, please feel free to bring up any medical conditions or concerns with your therapist before or during your massage. We rely on you to inform your therapist of any health conditions that the therapist should be aware of that may affect your massage treatment.
Should I tell my therapist the type of pressure (strong, medium or soft) I am comfortable with for my massage?
Yes, you should. You can indicate the level of pressure you want during the massage on the client intake form you complete when you first check-in for your appointment. However, if at any time during the massage you are not comfortable with the level of pressure your therapist is using (either too soft or too strong), please let your therapist know immediately,
Can I talk with my therapist during the massage?
Yes, we have 3 separate rooms for additional privacy. We absolutely encourage you to speak with your therapist during the massage if there is anything about your massage that is not quite right or needs to be adjusted.
How can I make an appointment?
You can make an online appointment at any time through our website or through Schedulicity. However, please give us a call if you prefer to speak with us directly. If you would like to request a particular therapist, please let our receptionist know when you make your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate your request. When making an appointment, we request an e-mail address and mobile number so we can send you a confirmation & reminder of your appointment.
What if I am late?
Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time. Our goal is to provide the most flexible, reasonable and fair business practices. If you arrive late, you will receive a full session if there is no appointment scheduled immediately after your scheduled time.
Can I buy a gift voucher?
Yes, please contact us directly if you would like to purchase a gift voucher. We offer gift vouchers in your value of choice. Gift voucher have NO expiration date.